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Liquid Kelp Seaweed for Animals ( 20 Litre)


Oceanmaid Seaweed for Animals is balanced nutritional supplement containing a wide range of minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins in a form that is easily assimilated.

Made purely from tasmania seaweed, it improves health, fertility and productivity and the immune system. By increasing the microfloral activity in the intestine, it also aids digestion and helps the animal make the most of its feed.

Research has shown that a low daily dosage of seaweed will give cumulative benefits over time, but there is no risk of adverse effects if these doses are exceeded. Oceanmaid Seaweed for Animals is the ideal feed supplement whether the animals are being produced for organic or conventional markets.

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Recommended use and dosages of Oceanmaid Seaweed are indicated below:

Dairy Cattle – 350kg & over 30mls daily.
Dairy Cattle Under 350kg – 20mls daily.
Calves – 5ml in milk daily.
Beef Cattle – 30mls monthly.
Weaners – 25mls 4 times a year.
Throughbred Horses – 10mls daily.
All other Horses – 10mls 2-4 times weekly.
Ponies – 5mls 1-2 times weekly. S
heep – 20mls 5 times per year.
Pigs – 5mls daily.
Poultry – 1 teaspoon full in 1 litre water weekly.
Dogs – 20kg & over ½ teaspoon full twice weekly.
Dogs – under 20kgs – ¼ to ½ teaspoon weekly.

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