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Visit Shop Liquid Kelp Seaweed
for Plants and Soil is
Truly an Organic Product
From the pristine waters off Tasmania
Visit Shop Liquid Kelp Seaweed
for Animals is Truly an
Organic Product
From the pristine waters off Tasmania

Welcome to Oceanmaid Website

Oceanmaid has been making liquid seaweed for plants, animals and soils since 1997 from a small processing plant in Mooroopna Vic and then to a larger operation at Merrigum Vic.

Oceanmaid has developed a unique process of effectively liquefying and fermenting the whole kelp to provide one of the worlds richest sources of pure minerals and micro nutrients. The process maximizes the absorption of the high nutrient and growth support components of the Kelp when applied to the plants and animals.

In 1997, Oceanmaid started the manufacturing business under the trading name Oceanmaid, operating from a small plant in Mooroopna and later moving to Merrigum Vic and establishing a larger processing plant to satisfy demands of the rural community.
Oceanmaid only uses pure” storm cast “ Bull Kelp( Durvillea potatorum ) seaweed from Tasmania.

The Oceanmaid NASAA accredited and certified organic manufacturing facility produces a unique pure liquid seaweed product which now sells across much of Australia.

Over the years Oceanmaid has seen a growth in demand from the agricultural community and works closely with the industry.

We at Oceanmaid envisages that the future of farming will be to make greater use of the oceans natural sustainable resources.

Our Products

Seaweed for Animals

Animals often seek out seaweeds for their health-giving nutrients, going so far as grazing them in salt water. Oceanmaid Seaweed has an extensive range of these elements and minerals in their most natural forms.

Seaweed for Plants and Soil

Oceanmaid Seaweed increases microbial activity in the soil and contributes to biological pest control by its fungicidal, insecticidal and bactericidal properties. Oceanmaid also protects crops against frost as well as retaining water and good bacteria.